Some actual shopping

The 30 Day Fashion challenge is over and it was fun, I liked that it forced me to write every day even though I sometimes felt like doing something easier. I think I’ve rediscovered some clothes, and I’ve started to lurk around online for more second hand/vintage clothes.

So far I’ve found the bondage skirt I already wrote about (twice, oops) but I won two online auctions this week too, a velvet skirt and a witchy velour dress. I’ve already gotten the skirt and it’s a snug fit, but no one told me how dainty and ladylike you have to be in a real non-stretchy pencil skirt! Something I must work on if I don’t want to look like a drugged giraffe every time I wear it. But it’s really pretty, and I feel very well dressed in it. The dress on the other hand haven’t arrived yet, I really hoped for it to be here today so I could wear it tomorrow (mini adventure with my partner in crime) but no luck so far. I’m going to make an entire outfit with the skirt on Sunday and take some pictures, but here’s the pictures from the auctions until then.

Happy Weekend, everyone!


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