Day 30 Favorite High Street Store

If any of you is following my OOTD’s it’s not hard to see that I shop a lot a H&M. It’s one of the few high street stores in Sweden that carries affordable basics in black all year round and I think it’s awesome that they have an alternative concept together with their Divided line. Sure, it’s contemporary fashion and no, you probably won’t be alone wearing it but honestly, is wearing something from Killstar unique either?  I simply start with filtering out all the blacks and work my way through shapes that I find flattering, don’t give a fuck if someone thinks that skater skirts aren’t goth, and look closely at the materials.

Since H&M is such a giant in Sweden when it comes to fashion I usually wait for the different sales and offers before I buy anything. If there were these kinds of clothes in the stores when I was a baby bat, I would’ve dressed and felt like the darkest girl in the world.

Corsets, platforms, Victorian period pieces, vinyl and such is of course hard to find in a high street store, but purchasing regular basics leaves money for those extravagant items. Not that I think you need them, but if you’re anything like me, you probably want them. With that money you can save by not buying everything out of can go to more fun things, like buying books about death, movies about epic love stories or nerdy boardgames like Mansions of Madness Second Edition and Letters from Whitechapel! Seriously, who needs money in the bank anyway?


3 Replies to “Day 30 Favorite High Street Store”

  1. I tried on the asymmetrical mesh skirt in the bottom right! It looked pretty cool, but I had a fair selection of skirts at home and a tight budget. I wish we had H&M in my country, I always check out their Divided line when I’m travelling.

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    1. I’ve actually tried that one on as well! The length on it looked a bit odd on me, I’m very tall, but it’s really pretty anyway.

      Hope H&M reaches your country soon, I think it’s a great place to shop.


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