In my head(phones)

Since I started to question my ways of listening to music, streaming playlists instead of listening to albums, I actually find myself struggling a bit. It seems like I, and maybe a lot of others, has changed the way we consume and think about music entirely. I’m one of those who shuffles the playlist, have hundreds of artists in them and browse back and forth among the songs, just to find the exact one I’m thinking of right now.


When I sit down to do what I used to do for hours on end in my teens, just listen to an album, I get distracted. By the dishes, by the phone beeping, by the feeling of the clock ticking. It has truly been an eye opener and I think it’s a sign that I really need to learn to just sit and listen again. Not just for the music but also for myself. The inner stress of constant gratification through activities and social media is making me extremely restless. I usually have two speeds; all or nothing and nothing means sleeping, which I need to work on as well.

The album I’m practicing this sloth-like, teenage behavior with this week is Serpentine Gallery by Switchblade Symphony.

Featured image source: Wikipedia (Switchblade Symphony)


4 Replies to “In my head(phones)”

  1. I have this problem, too. I used to be able to read or listen to albums for hours at a time, really getting lost in it, and now I’m too restless. I think having kids makes it worse, because I get in the habit of checking for them every minute or two and now I get distracted even when they’re all at school. I’m trying to unlearn that habit.

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    1. I know what you mean, and with kids I can only imagine it getting even more difficult to “turn off” all thoughts about the outside world and just listen to music. I’m extremely bad at just be in the moment so I’m really going to make an effort with the albums and see if it makes a difference.

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  2. I like your insight on this topic! It’s interesting how it seems like everyone is multitasking these days. I’m guilty of the same thing. I’m usually, if not always, doing something else while listening to music.

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    1. Thank you! I think a lot of us are using music in a totally different way today than back when we didn’t have it digitally. Even though I love how we have access to so much music now, it feels like I don’t value it the way I wish I did.

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