Day 27 A hat

I don’t own any exciting headgear and don’t even have a decent explanation to why because I adore hats and fascinators. But I wouldn’t survive the sun without a cap on my head, this is my only one and as soon as it’s too hot for beanies this is what I wear. Unless I want to look more dressed, in that case I love to wear  big, wacky sunglasses.

It’s a regular, black army cap from a random store and it does what it’s supposed to do. The picture is taken today when I was doing one of my favorite things; reading by the ocean. I love to sit outside and flip through books or magazines but we live in the middle of town which makes it hard not to get distracted by all the noises, so I usually walk down to the shoreline to find a nice, secluded spot. Today is the first day of the year it’s been warm enough and it felt great to be back outside with my books. I brought an old ethnological publication with me. It’s about death; customs, beliefs and mourning  and it’s really interesting even though the research is nearly 100 years old.


3 Replies to “Day 27 A hat”

  1. The book sounds amazing, and so does reading on the beach. I’ve never lived near enough to the ocean to really do that, but I do get to drive and hike up the mountains whenever I want around here.


    1. It truly is! Its title is roughly translated to “When the death visits: Swedish manners and Swedish folklore in conjunction with death and burial” by Louise Hagberga, Swedish female author who collected lore from all over the country in the 1910’s, 20’s and early 30’s. I’m such a geek when it comes to history and cultural analysis and collect books about similar things. People always look strangely at me when I mention it =P

      Mountains sounds fantastic as well! Around here we don’t have any proper mountains, mainly forest.

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      1. That makes me want to learn Swedish, or at least make friends with someone local who could read that book to me. 😉 And people move out here on purpose for the mountains, but we don’t have too much else.

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