Day 24 Your Favorite shoes

I have loved and destroyed so many boots in my days but these guys seem to have Indestructable by Disturbed as a theme song. I bought them from a girl on facebook who’d only tried them on once back in 2012 and have used them and abused them every week since then. Why I love them? They look awesome, they are platforms, they were a steal (I paid 500 SEK including shipping, it’s about 50 EUR) and they seem to outlive all my Dr. Martens and Underground boots by miles. They are a pair of New Rock M.373-S33 and have really given me a craving for more New Rock boots. My life might be complete when I have a pair of M.272MT-S1 Reactor at home.

I’ve been walking miles in my New Rocks, stomped around in festivals and they are still looking lovely. Or at least loved. I was contemplating cleaning them properly before taking a picture of them but it felt like cheating. This is how they look most of the time because I always wear them. They get properly cleaned and cared for a few times a month, depending on the weather, but this is their normal state. At least when it’s muddy outside.



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