Day 23 A lucky piece of clothing

I’m not one of those who have a special piece of clothing that is particularly lucky, or maybe I’m just constantly tainted with bad luck? But if I had to try and pick something it would probably be my leather jacket, it makes me feel instantly awesome and make almost any outfit look better and more dressed for some reason. It’s from Poizen Industries and I’ve had it for about seven years. It lacks pockets (damn you society, why do you keep doing this to women!?) and the arm length is almost okay, which is a lot better than in most cases, but I have to wear gloves or really long sleeves when it’s cold outside, otherwise it’s perfect. But the pockets, it bugs me to no end.



Army cap: Random store (similar can be found here)
Jacket: Poizen Industries Girl’s Leather Jacket (shows up on eBay from time to time, otherwise any biker jacket is kind of the same)
Loop scarf with hood: Glitter
Gloves: Dead Goth by Killstar
Bondage belt: Blackrose/eBay
Jeans: Dr. Denim Snap


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