Day 22 Something you only wear in the summer

I have a lot of clothes that fits well for winter but summer is more of a season where you can leave your biggest knitted cardigans at home and actually wear only fishnets without freezing to death under shorts and regular skirts. I wear most of my clothes over the entire year, only the number of layers vary. But these kind of men’s shorts are something you only see me in when it’s hot outside.They just don’t work with anything underneath.


Maybe not the best looking outfit, I was too cold to really get into it.

Top: Renaissance Rocks by Enkel Dika
Shorts: Men’s twill shorts by H&M
Shoes: Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Mono Black
Spiked choker (barely on picture):
Gothic cross: second hand, Alchemy has a similar in red
Pentagram sweat band: Too old to remember but can be found on eBay
Spiked leather cuff:
Straps: Stolen from one of my skirts

I have seasonal cravings when it comes to clothes, does anyone else have that? During the spring I always want to buy new band shirts, patches, studs, leather… and get into to that BBQ/festival feeling. When it’s summer I long for winter (how stereotypical, but it’s true, I love cold and crisp weather) but usually look for grungy shorts and more boyish looks. In early autumn I stock up on knitted things; scarves, hats, cardigans, sweaters and leg warmers, like a defense mechanism for the cold that is yet to come. Often, I end up wearing it too early in the season and sweat like a pig for a month or so. When winter is really on it’s way I get romantic. Velvet, feminine cuts and lace is all I look for and if it looks witchy, I’ll probably love it.


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