Day 20 Your favorite jewellery

Maybe it’s just me that puts to much meaning into things but when it comes to jewelry, to me, it’s just as much the sentiment behind them as what they are. The ones I appreciate the most aren’t necessarily what I use most frequently. They do have one thing in common though, I have got them as gifts from people I love. Picking favorites among what in the end comes down to memories are hard, it’s like choosing one favorite song or one favorite movie. Are any of you feeling the same or am I just a hopeless romantic?

But today, if I have to only pick one, my favorite piece of jewelry is The “Bird from Hattula” by Kalevala jewelry. My grandmother has a few pieces from Kalevala jewelry, I’ve adored them my entire life and when she was in Helsinki a few years ago, she came home with this necklace for me.

I love history, mythology and lore and a lot of Kalevala’s pieces tells fragments of the stories from Kalevala which is the national epic poetry of Finland. It’s about the creation of the world and the Finnish/Karelian people; ballads, epic stories, poems and incantations, collected lore from people and literature in the early 1900th century. I think this is super interesting and could write so much more about it. I’ll save it for another post but this is why the necklace is my favorite. It was a thoughtful gift, it comes with all this lovely history (and a personal connection to it) and I think it’s really pretty and unique.



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