Day 17 An article of clothing you have altered

Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone!

I like altering clothes but at the same time, I’m kinda lazy and have a pile of items that is pinned up and ready to be reinvented but do I do it? No. I have a black jean jacket that I’ve started to patch up with band names but half of the patches is still lying here on my desk, almost 2 years later. Quick alterations are easier, the kind where you just shred stuff or cut things off, but maybe not as impressive. My winter coat is what I’m most proud of though and I think I’ve shown it before. It’s a wool coat from Laughing Vampire called Shannon that I’ve altered quite a bit.

The waist is taken in because it was too straight for my taste to begin with and I’ve exchanged the corset “loops” with proper d-rings. The amazing and snugly pixie hood was very open around the neck, not that nice when you’re living in a freezing cold country. I added snap links to the hood, making it tighter around the neck, but still wide enough for a big scarf to fin in under. Some day I will replace the buttons in the front but until I do, they work fine as is.


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