Day 16 Someone wearing matching clothes

This is tricky because I actually don’t know anyone who wears what I wear. Not any longer at least. Being closer to 30 than 15 (or 20) means that a lot of people around me have evolved or conformed their taste to something more normative and that’s totally okay but I have gone in the complete opposite direction fashion-wise.

My beloved partner in crime has left me some of his old clothes though, from back when he was all dressed in black, young and rebellious and they do match what I still wear so maybe that could work for this post?

Outfit consists of:

Coat: Bat Attack Crawling Night Coat
Boots: New Rock M373-S33
Top: The Crow “Rain Crow” women’s tee
Bondage belt: eBay
Pants: Tiger of London Zip Bondage Pants

Taking pictures of yourself in a long coat with most of the details in the back turned out to be practically impossible. But after a quick google search I actually found some images from when the Crawling Night Coat still was in stock. Sadly, XtraX closed down years ago, I really miss that store (but I think EMP bought the company? It’s not the same as it used to be).


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