Priority List Update

In January or so, I made the post How to make a choice? Shopping on a budget where I explain how I try to rationalize and prioritize when I shop for clothes. Short version: Make a list that gets to spread over the entire year (or whenever it’s completed) and cross it off as you find what you need. The list of priorities looks like this at the moment:

  1. A new fall/spring jacket, gothic style.
  2. Basic, black tee.
  3. A pair of underwear.
  4. O-ring Bondage belt.
  5. Spiked choker.
  6. Short skirt, bondage inspired.
  7. O-ring choker.
  8. Band shirt, girlie.
  9. Arm warmers.
  10. New boots, 20 eyelet.

So far I have managed to use holiday gift cards for some basics and get my paws on a bondage belt from eBay. I actually found my old spiked choker (nr 5 on the list) that I wanted to replace in a drawer at home and stroke it from the list entirely. And this weekend, I found a bondage skirt on a Facebook sales page!

It’s a Hell Bunny Heidi skirt and I have been curious about it for years since it’s looks a bit odd, the way I like it, but have been afraid that it might be flimsy and in poor quality,. The hassle that comes with of international online shopping have kept me from it. But when I found it for about 10 EUR (which is extremely cheap even for used goth clothes around here) I just couldn’t resist. It’s probably never been used, the fabric is sturdy and heavy and all the metal parts feel awesome. Plus it fits perfectly.

Hell Bunny Heidi Skirt

I’m almost half way through the list I set up for myself and would really, really love if I could find a jacket before summer but I’m not just sure if I will be able to find it even if it’s the number one priority. I’m tall and it’s always really hard to find jackets with long enough sleeves. Well, if the jacket hunt turns out to be doomed when summer begins, I’m going to exchange it for nr 10 on the list, the boots (because my usual Docs are starting to actually fall apart).


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