It feels as if the fashion challenge actually have made me take a closer look at what I actually have in my wardrobe and made me come up with new outfits with my old clothes. It’s really fun! Also, this will be the first motd picture I post here.

Bolero: Queen of Darkness
Top: H&M
Skirt: Lip Service pleated skirt with zipper (On the inspo pic it’s a skirt from Banned Apparel that can be found in severeal colors here.)
White tights: Seven Deadly Sins by Tattoosocks
Fishnets: Pamela Mann
Trashed socks: Poizen Industries Gothic Slash socks (Similar can be found on eBay)
Spiked choker: Shango
Spiked bracelet: Shango
Baby Crow Skull ring: mrd74
Gothic cross necklace: Vintage
Boots: Inamagura Ranger vinyl boots

Today’s outfit is heavily inspired by the punk scene and of course I have to share some amazing Swedish punk tunes straight from 1981 with you.


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