Day 10 A Special item of clothing (Lip Service is back)

When I think about my clothes I don’t really see much of the day-to-day wear as extremely meaningful but my nicer pieces, like the corsets, have a greater value. I also sort of collect more fetish-inspired garments and I love vinyl (PVC). Some is totally fine to wear in public, for work even, and other garments are more for party/play/photo shoots.

I don’t think anyone has missed the fact that Lip Service is back and when it comes to vinyl, Lippy has always delivered. One of my more recent purchases from the brand was this Lip Service Looks That Kill Medical Bustier, a harness/underbust/top thing in fantastic classic nurse colors, white and red. I have yet to find the skirt, hat and the fishnet top that made up the rest of the outfit but someday…Why so special? It’s special because it’s part of the only white outfit I own.

There’s been a few posts from me about Lip Service and it’s probably because they have always been one of the biggest influences on my wardrobe. Or maybe my obsession isn’t with vinyl, it’s with the brand? Don’t think we’ll ever find out which one it is. But back to my teens. It wasn’t a lot of the Lippy merch that I could afford when I was younger but Lip Service was my core inspiration when I went out looking for clothes. To this day, I really like their pieces and buy vintage stuff from time to time. I’ve always had a very happy and nostalgic feeling connected to Lip Service and I really hope that they plan on releasing a lot of their older collections again.

Stay curious,


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