I try to write a little bit more than just a few sentences to each challenge but sometimes there just isn’t that much more to say than showing a picture and you know…move on. But! I don’t want this month to be just about the fashion challenge, even though regular posts in between probably will be more sparse than I’d want.


I discovered some awesome, new music today. The band is called Nostalghia and can be found on Spotify, they appeared in my Discover Weekly list, probably on other streaming services too. They’ve been around since at least 2014 but I’ve missed them completely. Awesome, eerie, a bit electronic and experimental, the mood in their songs was just what I was looking for today.

It’s a shame really, I live my life pretty much through music and it’s easier than ever to find new songs to listen to but somehow I listen to the same bands over and over and over and then I throw up, kinda. I don’t think I’m alone when it comes to this, we’re almost force fed with new music every day, no matter where we go, which might be the reason to why I take cover with my old favorites, leaving no room for new stuff. But it has to stop! I miss the days when I shared cd’s with my friends to find new and exciting bands to worship. That’s why I’m going to find one new band/artist every week to listen to. There has to be at least ONE song that I want to add to my playlist. No rules other than that. I need to expand beyond the bands I’ve held dear for over 15 years. Enough is enough. Well, we all know that’s not true, I will definitely scream like a little girl when my old favorites release new music but you get the picture.

Stay curious,


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