Day 7 Your cutest outfit (OOTD)

I’m not very cute, at least not naturally. I’m more often drawn to edgy and androgynous pieces even though my wardrobe is getting a bit more feminine than it has been before.That’s why this outfit might not be the cutest I can come up with if I was going to just pick all of my extremely feminine/soft/cute items out of the closet and combine them together but if I want to dress cute it’s gonna look something like this:

Long sleeved top: H&M (altered)
Skirt: KuroNeko Cat skirt
Dress: Mercy Bondage Dress (but it seems as if a similar from HR London is easier to find online these days)
Socks: Poizen Industries Gothic Slash socks (Similar can be found on eBay)
Tights: H&M
Spiked choker: Old and found at a festival (Similar from
Bat skull necklace: Blue Bayer Design NYC
Boots: Dr. Martens 1460 Mono Black

Stay curious,


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