Day 5 Your favorite leg-ware

Since it’s fucking hopeless to buy pants when you’re tall I wear skirts a lot but I have an old pair of weird bondage pants that I’ve loved to death for nearly a decade. Sturdy black jeans with thick straps all over them, which makes them both extremely warm and heavy but I have loved them so incredibly much. They need a re-coloring now but other than that, they’re in great shape. Unfortunately I don’t have any shoes/boots that look good with them at the moment. I usually always have a pair of 20 eyelet boots (this kind) but I threw out my last pair when they were beyond duct taping a year back and haven’t found it in my budget to buy a new pair.

They don’t look very good on the hanger but it’s been too dark to try and fix a decent shot with them on today. Doomsday gloom is no good for taking pictures.



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