Day 2 Your favorite t-shirt

I was gonna write about how it’s difficult to choose a favorite tee when it dawned on me that not only do I have one but also that no other shirt I have really can compare to it. It’s an A is for Arsenic “Crime and Punishment” by Amelia Arsenic. Some of you might remember the brand from around 2011-2013, others might have heard of the band Angelspit where Amelia did the vocals under the alias Destroyx for a few years.

This particular t-shirt is from 2011 and I’ve worn it to bits and pieces, there’s small holes in it but I love it. It has stretched a little, not a lot but enough for it to be a bit too over sized around the shoulders, I tend to drop it a bit more than I’d like. But I don’t care, it’s soft, the black has held up amazing (and the print too) and did you see the print? My fetish heart is squealing by just looking at it.

And since I mentioned Angelspit it would be bad not to share some of my fav tunes with them.


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