Day 1 Your Closet

Day 1 is hard for me to make a cute post about since the closet solution for our apartment is a bit…chaotic to say the least but bare with me.

This is most of my regular clothes. We have a very limited amount of actual storage space which leaves me with one part of the closet, my boyfriend with another and a shared hanging space for his shirts/jackets and my dresses (they aren’t that many anyway, being tall it’s easier with skirts).

I store clothes in boxes under our bed as well, mainly the kind I wear in the stable, helping out at the farm, skiing or hiking. You know, old and ragged pieces. I think there’s a hoodie in there somewhere with the print “Mistress of Disaster” on the back. Look, there it is!

My underwear and socks (and belts) goes in a purple drawer next to the closet. I have a system for where stuff goes in the drawers…and then I mess it up.

In the hallway we have a closet for outerwear and shoes. This is a share toy but I seem to be the one filling it up. There are shoes on top and boots on the bottom. I’m being guilty of owning all the platforms, who knew? Some purses end up here from time to time, just look at my oh so cute Jack, the Skelanimals plushie bag! It has actually carried my DSLR on a few concerts, probably nothing to recommend since Jack’s not very plushie anywhere else but on/in his head…

This might be the least interesting post I’ve done this far. My closet is far from inspirational but it is what it is when you’re renting an apartment. If I wish I had more clothes? Always.

Stay curious


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