30 Day Fashion Challenge

I found this challenge at The Mad Magpie and thought it could be fun to do during March. I have a history of being forgetful when it comes to these kind of lists but I’ll give it a try. It will be a fun way to hopefully rediscover old stuff that’s ended up in the behind everything else.

  1. Your Closet
  2. Your favorite T-Shirt
  3. A piece of clothing or jewellery that was a gift
  4. A shirt you haven’t worn yet
  5. Your favorite leg-ware
  6. Your Comfiest Outfit
  7. Your Cutest Outfit
  8. Most Expensive clothing
  9. A cute Dress/Skirt
  10. A Special item of clothing
  11. Jewellery your granparents gave you
  12. A piece of jewellery that gets the most compliments
  13. An outfit you wish you had
  14. Cutest socks
  15. Newest Purchase
  16. Someone wearing matching clothes
  17. An article of clothing you have altered
  18. Jewellery you have made
  19. Show all your jewellery
  20. Your favorite jewellery
  21. Something you only wear around the house
  22. Something you only wear in the summer
  23. A lucky piece of clothing
  24. Your Favorite shoes
  25. Shoes you love but don’t wear
  26. Mismatched outfit you would never wear
  27. A hat
  28. An outfit you are ashamed of
  29. Favorite Brand
  30. Favorite High Street Store

5 Replies to “30 Day Fashion Challenge”

  1. That sounds fun. I’m the worst at daily challenges, but maybe I could take some pictures and manage a weekly update based on this. I look forward to seeing your answers to this.

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    1. I’m not good with remembering these things either but I hope it won’t be a disaster, I’ve even set an alarm on my phone this time xD

      I really liked your idea about weekly updates, do that! It sounds like a good idea with less pressure to it.

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