Oh the Horror!

Still not well but definitely better, I’ve spent the last day in bed being bored out of my mind. I managed to watch two movies yesterday, even though I fell asleep and had to start over again with one of them, Demonic (2015) and The Watcher (2016).

Demonic (2015)
Classic found footage thriller with James Wan as producer. A couple of teenagers goes ghost hunting in a house where some awful murders occurred a few decades back and things go terribly wrong. With the help of a psychologist and the police we get to see what happened inside the haunted house.

I recognized a lot of the actors from previous films and even though it’s been 13 years, I can’t shake Scott Mechlowicz as Scott Thomas from Eurotrip (2004). Of course with the unforgettable “Scotty doesn’t know” ringing in the back of my head. Anyway, the movie was…meh. It doesn’t have anything that haven’t being done before. It didn’t bring that creeping fear that I like but solely relied on jump scares, they weren’t that many either. I appreciate POV films but this one feels too polished and predictable. Haven’t Hollywood grown tired of demons and possessed teenagers soon?

As far as James Wan goes, he went MIA in this movie. Sure, Will Canon is the director but that’s not the name on every poster and trailer. If you want more of James Wan and a good scary movie, watch Dead Silence (2007) where he’s both he director and one of the writers. It’s an underrated film that disappeared a little in the wave of torture horror that followed Saw (2004) and Hostel (2005).

The Watcher (2016)
This movie circles a young couple who buys a house where weird things starts happening. Threatening notes appear on their door step and in the house, packages to a previous owner seem to arrive in a never ending stream and a supernatural presence is lurking in the shadows.

I liked this movie. Maybe not enough to say that it was amazing, but it had some originality to the otherwise normal haunted house ghost story and nice, looming darkness surrounding it. The Watcher is supposed to be based on true events, the creators to the film added some supernatural spark to the story. I actually believe that the movie would’ve been scarier if the writer would’ve left the supernatural parts out and just went with the creepy letters. The story about the actual Watcher is unsettling in a way most people can connect to and it gets under your skin.

I came to think of Ils/Them (2006) when I read the plot but they differ a lot in style. Ils/Them is truly frightening from time to time, The Watcher unfortunately doesn’t hit as close to home as it could have.

Stay curious



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