Restyle Lunar Holster Bag Review

Somehow it feels weird to review something that you haven’t really gotten around to actually use, but I thought that I can go back and update this post in like…when I remember and have put this purse through some real life experiences. (Updated thoughts can be found in the end of the post)

This isn’t an extremely expensive purse, but due to its size I wouldn’t call it cheap. At the moment it starts somewhere around 50€ and it’s easy to find small purses in that price range. However, if you’re looking for holster bags in sturdier materials, it will probably be tricky.

There’s a trillion ways to wear this bag, I’m lazy and will probably use it as a regular purse most of the time.

The only measurements found online is 27*27 cm. Those are the biggest measurement (or somewhere in that area at least) on the bag. But as you easily can see, that’s not the size of the different pockets or compartments. The biggest compartment measures 16*17*3,5 cm. It builds out a bit but not as much as the product images make you think and to me, it was a nice discovery.

The straps are adjustable, you get two sets of shorter straps which stretches from 52,5 cm to 33 cm (including the snaplinks). The long strap can be adjusted from 118 cm to 40 cm. All the straps can be used together, if you for some reason like your purse around the ankles.

This is a faux leather purse and the fabric feels soft and nice and not at all plastic. My biggest issue is the straps, since the material to the entire bag is really soft I can see them tear around the buckles easily. The fabric isn’t the best when it comes to adjusting the straps fast, it kind of sticks together or to the buckles a bit too easy. The pocket lining is 100% cotton and feels fine.

Now to the metal; buckles, eyelets, decorations and rivets. Here’s what I think this bag falls short. The big, metal thingy decor on the front is awesome. It’s heavy, screwed on properly and feels like it could survive a war but the rest…meh. I’m a bit disappointed that the crescent moon isn’t perfectly aligned, but I can live with that and it does not seem to be going anywhere any time soon.

The rivets, found on both the bag and the straps, are fine and it gives the seams on the bag some extra security. As far as the D-rings in the corners of the purse goes, they are steady and have proper weight to them. The zippers are good, but the sliders are a bit on the cheap side.

The buckles, snaplinks and eyelets feel too cheap. That goes for the small moons on the zippers as well. I’m sorry, I know that a lot of people don’t think this is an issue but I do. Because of this, the bag looses quality. The moons on the zippers are a bit sharp in the edges (they actually rip the bag’s fabric) and are fastened to the zippers with small metal rings that most certainly are going to stretch and the moons will fall off. Also, there’s a crescent moon on the pocket on the back of the bag. Why? It will only rip your clothes.

So what is poor quality metal? It’s soft, it is alloy that might change color/the color rubs off after a while, metal that might rust easily or just break, buckles that you can basically form just by warming them in your hands a bit. Unnecessarily sharp edges falls under this category too.

I have not worn this bag enough to actually say that the metal on it isn’t durable. I have a lot of bags that share similar quality when it comes to the metal parts and they hold up great but I still feel it’s important to mention. Poor quality is sadly common with alternative brands. When it comes to clothing and accessories, low quality metal is definitely my biggest pet peeve. 

This is by far one of the nicest looking holster bags I have found in this particular size and price range and it fits my essentials well. I like how it’s versatile with the straps and I’m truly impressed by the big metal plate with the ring in front. It will most likely be my favorite bag and it’s going to be interesting to see how long it lasts. But I will replace the crescent moons on the zippers asap.

UPDATE 2017-05-03 (AKA All the cons!)
I’ve had the bag for nearly three months now and I still like the design. But that’s probably it as it goes on the plus side.

The crescent moons on the zippers drive me crazy (and cut my fingers) but what bothers me a lot is the constant clicking noise the big metal plate and the ring make together. Every. Fucking. Step. I. Take. It’s like being a cat with a bell on its collar, extremely annoying and I hope to find a solution that doesn’t include removing the ring.

The zipper on the biggest compartment is kind of annoying to deal with since it bends around the corners and won’t close properly without some persuasion.

The straps are starting to tear and break in the fake leather material, the functionality isn’t affected but aesthetically it sucks. The snap links aren’t very sturdy and it can be a struggle to change the straps. I usually wear it as a normal purse but occasionally put it by the hip as well.

I don’t think this bag will hold up half as well as my old micro messenger did, if I’m lucky it will survive 2017. But it sure looks pretty *bangs head into wall*.

UPDATE 2017-10-02
Because of how infuriating the clicking noise is and that it’s a pain to switch the strap from cross-body to hip-mode I have used the bag once or twice since the last update. It’s got to go, there’s seriously no point in keeping it any longer.


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