Replacing my best bags: update

For once, it didn’t take too long to find a new, small purse. The requirements included a cross body shoulder strap and big/small enough to fit phone, wallet, keys and small headphones. Maybe it was because I already had a rough idea of what I was after and it luckily coincided with a trend. I wanted a holster bag, after falling head over heals in love with the kinds you find on Etsy;

Links to the Etsy shops: Jungle Tribe, ELLKO, Soulindha and WCCouture. But I can’t spend those kinds of cash on one bag (even though it’s tempting…) so I have been looking  for alternatives and came up with these:

The Punk Rave Oximoron Bag can be found almost everywhere but I looked at it at Kate’s Clothing. The other bags are from Restyle, also to be found all over the internet. I decided to go with the Lunar Holster bag by Restyle and hopefully it will arrive this week. This will be the first thing I actually buy from Restyle and don’t really know what to expect from the brand yet, but since the bag looks awesome, my hopes are high. It’s ordered from Kinky Angel, I have shopped there for years and really like the service they provide. With a bit of luck, the shoulder strap is long enough to double as an extra strap to my Killstar Coffin bag which came with a little too short  and a little too uncomfortable metal strap.

When it gets here, I’ll make a review

UPDATE: You can find a very honest review here!



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