And the decision was made

I’ve changed my name here on the blog, probably not something that many notices anyway but my idea was at first to be totally anonymous and not have any other social media connected to the blog but it feels like the cat’s out of the bag so I’m using my normal nickname online for now.
It’s Septicemia, if anyone missed out, and no, it’s not my real name but rather some sort of alter ego I’ve had for at least 10 years and it simply means blood poisoning.

Today’s Valentine’s Day. Me and my boyfriend are celebrating the usual way; with drinks and a nice dinner and probably a movie. Sometimes it really pays off to live with someone who’s into cooking and mixing lovely cocktails. For this fantastic occasion I’m wearing the only heart shaped item I own, an old necklace from Alchemy Gothic. Need to do something about that, I really like hearts…and blood and pulsating veins. But yeah, hearts are pretty. I thought about making a post about hearts for today but I have simply been too busy so I guess it has to wait.


Stay curious


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