OOTD + some music

Knitted crop sweater: HM
Top: HM
Skrit: Kreepsville 666
Over knee socks with bow
Black fleece leggings
Monster slippers: HM
Spiked choker
Bat skull necklace: Blue Bayer Design NYC
Bracelet: Kumkum, I got it from my grandfather in 2003, still love it.

I was in desperate need of some sort of energizing music today, been feeling tired and socially hung over since yesterday and one of my favorite energy boosting songs no matter what mood is Warrior by Disturbed. Anything by Disturbed usually lifts my spirit and when I’m out running or biking their music have the perfect rhythm. Just a suggestion for fellow metalheads out there. If you’re not that into metal you can always give The Sound of Silence (yes, it’s a cover and it’s amazing) a try.

Another song that makes me ridiculously happy is Space and Time by VNV Nation, I’ve actually had some very weird playlists only containing songs by VNV and Disturbed. Weird? Probably. Fun? Hell yes.


Stay Curious


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