Replacing my best bags

I’m one of those girls who’s pretty much obsessed with bags. Probably because of the lack of pockets in practical size and shape on women’s clothing, a bag is essential as soon as I have to step outside and I’m always on the hunt for The perfect purse. My favorite ones are starting to fall apart, but here they are!

EMP catalog used for size reference, ca A4.

The little studded purse, maybe a mini messenger, is from Living Dead Souls, guessing I bought it around 2010/2011. It’s been great for just carrying the phone, keys, wallet and small headphones, things I never leave home without. BUT it totally destroys clothes with the edges of the studs and I don’t know how many tights the velcro on the flap has chewed on. Size-wise it’s been awesome and perfect for festivals too, I like to get squeezed in the massive sea of people in front of the stage. It’s not completely broken yet, but I need something that is not as interested in eating clothes as this one.

The bigger purse is from Jawbreaker/Living Dead Souls and is called the Grommet bag and is also 6 or 7 years old. It has been my go-to bag since I got it. It’s roomy without being to bulky or big. But it’s been too small to carry around all things you need in uni or for work (textbooks, computer, lunch…) and is pretty uncomfortable when it gets too heavy, it doesn’t take more than a few hardbacks. Also, the adjustable strap has a tendency of stretch itself out while you’re walking.

The zipper to the main compartment is almost broken by now but I’m amazed by the durability since it feels kind of cheap in the fabric and the zippers are overall not very impressive, but it’s been everywhere with me. Train rides, flights, after-ski parties, been used as a pillow and as a “saddle bag” on my horse, carried heavy bottles, been to school, work and everywhere in between. But the time has come for it to retire and I’m trying to replace it with a backpack, being nicer to my back and all that adult, responsible shit.

What kind of bags and/or purses do you usually carry around?

Stay curious


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