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Do you like 80’s slasher movies? Do you like to mock 80’s slasher movies? In that case, Final Girls is probably something you’d enjoy. Not that it’s a new release or anything but I saw it last week and really liked it. I laughed a lot. A lot. They don’t pull of the “so bad that it’s good” all the way all the time, but the culture clash irony makes up for most of it.

Source: imdb.com

The reason I saw Final Girls was because of a reminder from the movie Frostbiten (Frostbitten in English) that same day. No spoiler but it involves a dead bunny and a talking dog. An evil doctor and some nosy med students cause chaos in the most northern part of Sweden. Now I know, it’s a semi-bad Swedish horror comedy, but it has a few truly awesome moments and I think it’s underrated, also it’s the first Swedish vampire movie and they were ahead of 30 Days of Night with the tagline “Dawn is just a month away”. Swedish bands like The Hives and Raised Fist, not to mention the amazing Finnish Velcra, can be heard in the soundtrack to this movie, by the way.

Source: imdb.com

Behind the mask: The rise of Leslie Vernon has gotten more attention these past years in different online lists of need-to-watch horror flicks and this mockumentary has more of a subtle humor than the past two movies I mentioned. If you want to see Freddy Krueger chasing a serial killer (which to me is the biggest joke in a movie that references Nightmare on Elm Street openly) this is the film you need to see. Also, if you want to become a cliche movie serial killer, this is a basically a 90 minute step-by-step. Horror fans will notice that this movie is packed with references to various famous horror flicks. It’s  Zelda Rubinsteins last movie, which you should remember from the epic Poltergeist and the puzzle box from Hellraiser is shown in the film. Like I said earlier, this is not one of those “it’s so bad that it’s fun” kind if movies, it’s just really good.

Source: horrorpedia.com

I could go on and on with several other movies but I think three is enough.

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