OOTD + new makeup


Hoodie: Emp Online
Skirt: Kreepsville 666
Boots: New Rock
Choker: Shango.se
Gloves: Killstar
Tights and leg warmers: Random store

The snow is whirling outside and I feel a compelling need to run out and make snow angels but it’s dark and I also want to  try the new eye shadow I ordered together with more of my regular foundation.

I’m naturally pale and with cool, pinkish undertones, which is good if you (me) strive to become even paler. What’s less nice is that it’s hard to find a good foundation that doesn’t make me look yellow, green or tanned. It’s even harder when you prefer vegan or 100% cruelty free brands for makeup and skincare (nope, I’m not a vegan but I try to not let my vanity affect animals).

My skin, and my wallet, loves Everyday Minerals foundation, I use the Matte Mineral Base in the shade Rosy Ivory 0C. Since it was on sale and super cheap I couldn’t resist buying Makeup Revolution Naked Underneath Eyeshadow Palette at the same time.

Stay curious




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