Girlie Metalhead

I have sinned. The new EMP catalog haven’t arrived in physical form yet but I actually peaked through the online version. I never do that normally but since it feels like the real one never ever will show up I just couldn’t help myself.

Every time I flip through it, or look online, it always hits me how few metal band shirts there are for girls, not to speak of the cuteness (!) they try to add to the ones that exist. I don’t want to look cute, I want to look fucking fierce. It itches in my brain when I see it and I’d growl at the manufacturers if I could. There are a lot of really cool prints on the unisex/unfitted ones, a million more of them too, and I usually end up buying them instead, but then have to alter and/or accept the fact that they never will be as fitted as the girlie kind.
Also, only the more famous bands (or the ones with a new album release) has merchandise for ladies and even though I suppose it’s because of the scene being dominated by dudes it really bothers me.
But here’s a few shirts for women from metal bands I can’t help  but love.

ETHS shirt : Season Of Mist
CoF shirts to the upper left: Heavy Metal Online
The rest: EMP Online

And some French, female vocals to go with my current mood.

Stay Curious


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