Tech + Goth + Odd brand = No?

I’ve been googling the internet after fun ideas for my new phone. No news but if you don’t have an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy it’s basically fucking impossible. Hell, I thought being alternative meant not fit into stereotypes. Maybe we’re just too lazy when it comes to our electronics, I don’t know.

Even though the Honor 8 has a lot more cases and such in fitting sizes and shapes than my old Nexus 5 ever did it doesn’t really help. They’re all bland or just just wrong. And something else I’ve discovered during this search is also that I’m kind of alone being into techy shit and the darker side of life. I don’t know, maybe you other too-cool-for-school kids use your psychic powers when trying to get in touch with your friends but I can’t summon my bank balance that way. Plus I really, really, love technology  and electronics. Especially headphones and things with cool colored lighting. So, here’s what I’ve come up with while looking for accessories for my phone.

This is even harder than finding warm clothes, and even more tedious since there actually is kind of nice stuff out there but in very specific Apple sizes. Ugh.

All the boots are from Cybershop and I’ll probably buy one of them, punch a hole in my old  case and use it that way. An alternative is  getting one of those dustplugs (I have to bite my lip not to say buttplug…) and have it on my phone.

The cute bat dust plug from MadModesty is really cute and cheap enough for me to just try that butt plug..erhm, dust plug, at least once.
The wallets are from rockitbot and looks kind of awesome, I’d love the black and white one but it would almost be like carrying around an entire clutch. Shipping adds 50% on the price tag too.

No, orcas aren’t particularly spooky or alternative but I love them and this one is from I just felt the need to share my love for sea pandas so there you have it.

Another DUST plug with a spooky cob web from Sugar Moon Delights that looks kind of cute. The shipping cost six times more than the little thingie, ouch.

The tattered pouch comes from iRebell and even though the bat looks a bit…Halloweeny I found it funny.

Stay curious




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