Everything is black

Literally. While everyone is out having fun or watching bad tv I’m in a completely dark apartment, alone. I can feel the migraine subsiding and the photofobia has gone away enough for using the phone, if its backlight is on minimum. I hate these episodes, but my new phone is here and I might as well get to know it a bit better.

It’s a Huawei Honor 8 Midnight Black, fashionably, and I got it for free while renewing my mobile subscription. So far, me likey. It’s black and shiny and not too big. But I would really want to make something fun with it, hence this semi-whiney post.

Are there any spooky, creepy, gothic or weird decorations for smartphones at reasonable prices for a Scandinavian girl? Some cool DIY shit? I’m not one of those crafty people who own a lot of useful tools (well, a sewing machine and a hammer but that’s about it) so maybe no big projects that involves buying a glue gun and other appliances I probably never will touch again. Maybe some good looking stickers would do the trick?  I have a leather case in black that I guess could be modified, too.
Have you vamped up your own phone in any way to make it look less boring?

Stay curious


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