Gothic, Winter-friendly, Brands

I’ve done some googling this past week and been trying to find gothy brands that sell (indoor) clothes suited for cold climates. It hasn’t been easy since a whole lot of the brands use poor materials to begin with and some even look kind of unshapely. I did a post on how much I freeze during the winter and that it’s hard to find tops and skirts with an edge that aren’t too cold. Sometimes accessorizing just isn’t enough. The list starts now and feel free to send me more tips on warm gothwear!

  • Heavy Red has a lot of tops I could easily layer and they have some nice looking skirts as well. I own one top from them that I’ve worn to bits but it still holds up. Long sleeves for us tall people too! Mid range prices but cost a fortune to ship from the US and only a few stores seem to carry the brand in the EU.


  • Re-Style is a Polish brand that seemed to boom a bit last year with a more nu goth angle than they had before. They do have a few hoodies that look really cozy and various pieces in a more Victorian looking style. The pricing is a bit..uneven? Some garments fall under mid range while others are considerably low.


  • Devil Fashion doesn’t have website of its own, maybe it’s a brand owned by a bigger company, I don’t know? Anyway, they have come up with many romantic and dramatic pieces (not suited for winter) and are available in a lot of stores online. They  actually remind me of some of Punk Rave’s lines. I like what I see but haven’t got a chance to see any of the pieces IRL. Mid range prices.


  • Gothicana is a brand owned by EMP and it’s the “darker” clothing line that EMP carries. A lot of pieces remind me a great deal of the clothing from the early 2000’s, a crossover between romantic and casual. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I hate-love this lace covered hoodie below. Low to mid range prices.


  • Burleska has a lot of dramatic garments in their different collections that stretches from burlesque to punk rock. I’m a bit uncertain about the quality but prices range from low(ish) to mid range.


  •  Aderlass is a German brand that carries clothing lines with a lot of fetish and/or industrial elements, but have romantic pieces too. For being mid range (on the upper side), their quality is awesome. I like a lot of their fetish inspired clothing and the metal rings and hooks are always of great quality and the fabrics are sturdy.


  • Killstar is probably the hottest alternative brand on the market at the moment. Nu goth flirting with both pop culture and the 90’s, it almost gets a bit mainstream around the subculture but I still feel I have to mention them because of all the knitwear, tunics and sweaters they produce. Mid range prices and great quality, they do have sales pretty often though.


  • Kreepsville 666 probably falls under psychobilly and I love their retro horror references and funny statement pieces. The fabrics are always soft, easy to layer and the prints are durable as hell. Low to mid range prices.


  • Queen of Darkness is very common around here, but to be completely honest I think their tops look a lot like the ones you can get in regular stores to a better price. But they do have some nice looking skirts, boleros and often a big variety of gloves, arm warmers etc. A bit over priced  if you ask me.


  • Punk Rave, the Chinese (?) brand with a lot of visual kei and lolita blended with punk have a few pieces I like and think should be nice to wear during our northern winters. But I don’t know about the quality, I’ve always thought that it looks like it could be one of those brands that use cheap fabrics and also, I’m guessing their clothes aren’t made for tall people. The only way to find out is to order something but it’s such a hassle with returning international purchases, Punk Rave doesn’t exist in any Swedish stores that I know of. Mid to upper mid range prices.


Stay Curious


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