Why did I stop listen to albums?

I confess, even though I both have tons of cd’s and vinyl records, I use Spotify (a music streaming service) most of the time when listening to music. It has lead me into listen more to playlists and less to entire albums.To me, it’s a shame. One of my favorite things with music has always been listening from track 1 until the end of the album. It’s a totally different experience than just hearing one or two songs, shuffled around with hundreds of others.

With an entire album, you get to dive headfirst into the special mood intended for just that specific record and feel how the songs complete each other and telling an entirely new story, the songs being all the different chapters.
So why did I stop? Laziness, I bet. In an ever-changing world with this incredibly fast pace it’s hard to just stay in one album, soaking it in and not shuffle the songs. This has got to end. I want to feel totally engulfed by the lyrics and the rhythm again and I started today.

The album I’ve been listening to is….Selected Scenes From the End of the World with London After Midnight.

Stay Curious


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