“Victims, aren’t we all?”

I have a tendency of falling face down and get a little too sucked in when it comes to things I like. To, me it’s not a problem and hopefully it only contributes to my geeky charm (or obsessive nature). So, getting back to the title quote, I love The Crow. The comic, the movie, the original score, the original soundtrack, the undying love and all the cheesiness that is the early 90’s.

I seriously doubt that I have to introduce the concept of The Crow, most people have some sort of opinion about it and I’m letting you all have yours. But as far as fiction goes, this was probably what shaped my baby bat years and together with Natural Born Killers, it definitely formed the way I looked at romance as well. It was a darker, messier version of all the classic novels. The powerful elements of longing, regret, the big gestures, the feeling of ever after…they were all there but in a costume that fitted the 21:st century a bit better. Some will probably say it’s a warped way of looking at love and relationships and maybe not the healthiest role models and I guess that’s true but I still treasure the idea of that epic, life shattering, uncompromising  love. Hopefully not too many people have to get slaughtered for me to keep my significant other…

But yes, the lifestyle! What made me feel so at home in the goth subculture was the elements of fantasy and romance, the way of always wearing your heart on your sleeve. If epic tales were my childhood, tragic love stories were my teens. To me, The Crow manifested all of those overwhelming emotions and portrayed them with music, words and a beautiful appearance.

It’s still easy to see that I have a thing for The Crow. Not that I actively collect items but they undeniably end up in my home one way or another. I have a wonderful partner that lovingly mock all these things, but this Christmas he gave me a Funko Pop! Eric Draven. I took the gift as a “I will love you forever and also, if necessary, kill for you”. I think he thinks it’s just a cute toy to tease me with even further. Oh, if he only knew what he just did.

This was about part of the core of my baby bat years and how it have molded me into who I am. Also I want to show that just because something might seem a bit silly in hindsight, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be proud of it. How did you get to where you are and have you cherished any of the things you used to love when your were younger?

Stay Curious


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