Back to the Old Self

I’ve done some shopping. There has been three thing pretty high up on my list of stuff that I desperately want and today, I finally bought two of them.

First, it’s an old PC game that I’ve played for countless hours growing up. I still have the CD’s but then I have to use Jürgen, my tired laptop from the Stone Ages and even though it’s doable, it’s a fucking pain. So I finally came around and bought it on Steam:


Not very alternative, but I’m a gamer as well so just deal with it. The second thing is a something I owned and lost long ago and never got around buying again. It’s a bondage belt and I’m almost too excited because I promised myself not to buy a new one before I got a new pair of jeans (I hate buying pants because everything is always too short for my 35″ legs). Luckily I found a new pair about a month back and in about 1-2 weeks I’ll have my new belt. Hopefully it fits, fingers crossed. I bought it on eBay, from Black Rose (UK) who has a wicked online store too.

Not sure if there’s any seams on it though. Images differ on the same product.

It was on my list of priorities too that I wrote about a few days ago, which means I can cross it off from there. I’m going to stick to that list when it comes to clothing purchases and will update about how it goes.

Number 3 on my wishlist for stuff is the book Beyond the Dark Veil: Post Mortem and Mourning Photography from The Thanatos Archive by Jacqueline Ann Bunge Barger. It looks amazing and is something my photography and history obsessed, dark mind can’t help but completely adore.

Stay Curious


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