Winter Tips

After I did the post about being a freezing goth during the winter I thought I could share a few tips. I’m Swedish and I’m into things like hiking and camping in the winter, skiing downhill and spend a lot of time outdoors 365 days a year, which hopefully means that I’ve learned how to dress without you know…dying when it’s not t-shirt weather.

Anyhow, I already mentioned that I layer my clothes and it’s pretty much what this entire post is about. But it’s also about how different materials work with the cold and easy things you can do to keep warmer. If you’re one of those people who freezes easily when being indoors, maybe working at an office in front of a computer screen the entire day or sitting still for hours in school, this is some tips for you too.

  1. Layers. Snug, fit layers closest to the skin works wonders in comparison to just one big shirt.
  2. Wool. Nowadays, good quality wool clothing don’t itch like crazy. They allow moisture to pass through without cooling you down and keep you much warmer than cotton does. I try to only buy ethically produced and sustainable pieces. It might be on the expensive side but worth both the quality and to me, they double as sports wear as well as everyday clothing. Any decent sporting goods store should have base layers in black merino wool in its range.
  3. Keep your extremities warm, that means hands and feet. These are the parts that cools down the entire body, together with your head. Again, merino wool socks are my lifesaver, I’m slowly switching out all my old cotton blend socks for merino wool. Wrist warmers are good too. Again, sporting goods stores usually have them in various sustainable materials. (I personally don’t like fleece, mainly because of the environmental problems it’s creating but also because I get very static from using it).
  4. A pair of good extra soles is an awesome way to give your steel toe boots a longer life and keep yourself from freezing. This was how I survived commuting and the cold halls of the university.
  5. Long tops are better (what a no-brainer). Shirts, sweaters and tunics that doesn’t create a gap between your bottoms and your top keep you warm and the best ones doesn’t stop until they reach your thighs. A good base layer and an long/over-sized knitted sweater is a very, very good way to stay warm.

Here’s some inspiration for other winter goths (and myself, I’m so in love with that necklace it’s insane!):


Merino wool base layer – Icebreaker Oasis LS Crewe
Dress/Tunic – Dark Vampire Dress – Restless n Wild
Underbust – Burleska Candy
Necklace – Kalevala Michael Monroe A star all heart
Pants – Punk Rave Nosferatu
Boots – Underground Gripper
Soles – Super feet
Wrist warmers – Houdini Power Wrist Gaiters

(Not on picture: Socks – Icebreaker City Lite Crew)

Stay curious


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