How don’t you freeze to death?

I’m looking for inspiration for outfits suitable for colder weather (indoors, not coats etc) but except for the catalog images from different brands and stores it seems as if no one is freezing on the internet?

I love chilly weather and don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t care less about skirt length, shirt/no shirt, pants torn to pieces or 30 cm stilettos. Each to their own. BUT! There must be more guys and gals living in countries where there actually is ice on the streets, mud, rain and snow puddles everywhere. Not to speak of the chilly and tormenting gusts that leaves you feeling as if a ghost just passed through you. Or is everyone so damn hardcore and just don’t care about the cold? I mean, even indoors there’s a palpable winter-ish chill and at least I don’t walk around in just one pair of ripped fishnets and a cool off-shoulder top this time of year. In fact, I demand long sleeves and eleventeen layers of fabric fall, winter and early spring.

Where do you find inspiration for your day-to-day outfits when it comes to dressing during the colder months?

Goofing around with the remote to the camera. I’m having a dystopian day, stylewise.

Stay curious


8 Replies to “How don’t you freeze to death?”

  1. I live in South Florida (U.S.) so I have the complete opposite problem! It’s very hot down here, I have to find ways to simplify outfits instead. A lot of the goth clothes I think is made for median weather, like sheer enough for patterns and skin, but also long with drapery, but not made for freezing temperatures for sure. The company “All Saints” I think is the closest thing to goth we have but it mainly sells winter clothes..

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    1. I agree, and another problem is the fabrics being used as well. They are often cheap, in some blended cotton that will make you freeze even more when it’s cold and binds water (sweat) when it’s hot. I get by ok with layering, but it would be nice with something… New and different.

      I would love if there were more sturdy fabrics like thick velvet, wool blends in skirts, maybe merino wool in tight shirts,socks and leggings.


  2. I think winter is easier for corpgoths and Victorian styles. Victorian looks allow for a lot of layers to keep warm, and corpgoths can usually find nice dark sweaters and jackets in mainstream stores and goth them up with the right jewelry or shoes. Skirts and pants can be harder, though, because they’ll only come in conservative office styles. A lot of goth brands make me sad because of their cheap fabrics. I finally have money to spend on some nice stuff and it’s hard to find.


    1. I hear you! I would love to get my hands on some good Victorian looking pieces but I often find the fabric really cheap and, sadly, most of the clothes are made for shorter people. Sleeve length (not to mention the full skirt!) is always an issue to me since I’m almost 180 cm tall.


    1. When properly dressed, I like the winter. But I want real snow and not the coastal, rainy dark depression that we currently have here. But to find the right (alternative) clothes, that seems like a mission impossible…

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