Winter OOTD

Today has been chilly over here and my outfit has been entirely in black, boring layers except for this shirt:

Edward Scissorhands girlie tee

But cold, winter weather also means that I can wear my wool coat without sweating to death. These past winters have been too warm to wear proper winter garments outside which have sucked because if it’s something I own a zillion of it’s gloves and scarves. Today was freezing so I’ve been prancing around outdoors like this:

Demonia Concord boots
Laughing Vampire Shannon coat
Beanie, loop scarf and gloves all in burgundy.

I have altered my coat a bit, taken it in a little in the waist and sewn on some d-rings and snap links on the hood to get a more snug fit around the neck. I also modified the corset lacing in the back since it was very poorly made and didn’t look very flattering. If I ever find exactly what I’m looking for, I’ll switch out the buttons as well.

Stay curious


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