Ouija and the Swedish version

I can’t help it. I will forever be madly in love with beautiful spirit boards and when I get the chance I’m going to invest in one of EnchantedRumours amazing ouija boards.

By EnchantedRumours

Here in Sweden, we have different tradition/game but quite similar to ouija, it’s called Anden i glaset” and can be directly translated to “The spirit in the glass”.

You need a big paper/sheet on which you write A-Z (the entire alphabet stops at Ö in Sweden), 0-9, Yes, No, I don’t know, Begin and End. You also need a glass of any sort and a candle.

Turn off all lights in the room. Light the candle and hold the glass above the candle, upside down so the warm air flows straight into the glass but without smothering the flame. Then you bring the glass close to your mouth and ask if there is any spirit in the room, put the glass on the word Begin and all participants puts one finger on the glass. For each new question the glass is supposed to be re-heated over the candle. If you’re alone you should have one finger from each hand on the glass. When you’re done, you have to place the glass on the word End.

If it works? It’s a game. I remain amused and drawn to the mystique and aesthetics of spirit boards.

In Midsommer, A Swedish/Danish supernatural horror movie, The spirit in the glass plays a key role to solving the mystery. Just a tip for all you who have seen too many regular spirit boards in Hollywood Productions. Laura Christensen and Tuva Novotny, two famous Scandinavian actresses is starring in the film


Stay curious


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