I’ve been a bad ghoul

Sometimes it’s hard to be a perfect weird person. I totally missed Friday the 13:th yesterday. May my record collection burn with all the witches that the Christians killed for missing out on one of my favorite days of the year. Next chance to celebrate or hide is in October. I’m not into any kind of holiday, not even Halloween since we don’t have that tradition here in the far, far north. But Friday the 13:th is usually celebrated with a horror flick and drinks and snacks. And I missed it.


Anyway, I have a very healthy addiction to horror movies and found Dumplings on DVD at the local video store for 10 SEK (it’s about 1$) about a week ago and just couldn’t resist. Haven’t watched it yet but have my hopes up. Don’t think I can save it until the next Friday the 13:th though. And yes, I still buy movies!



Stay Curious


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