What’s a better start for a shallow blog than an outfit post? Poor image quality because of shitty camera on my phone, combined with really bad lighting since we had a snowstorm yesterday, which made everything gloomy and dark. Since I was lazy this morning, I’m wearing the same outfit today.

Can anyone tell me if there’s any way of finding this hoodie online?

Zip Hoodie: Lip Service
Skirt: Kreepsville 666
Gloves: Killstar Clothing
Plus a no-brand knitted loop scarf with a hood, black fleece leggings and not seen on picture, 2 pairs of black, knitted legwarmers because of the cold winter weather.

I woke up and decided to use some of the garments that haven’t been worn in a while. The skirt is starting to get a bit torn, not the fabric but the print, I bought it somewhere back in 2010. The zip hoodie is one of my oldest pieces, and most beloved, it’s from 2007 and is still holding up. It doesn’t really show on the picture but the hoodie has a lot of straps, kind of like a mix between bondage and a straight jacket. If you put it on wrong there’s no fucking way you’re getting it right without removing it and start all over again. I’ve been trying to find a new one (so I won’t die when this one needs to retire) but my Google skills aren’t enough. Or maybe Lip Service started to produce a whole lot of weirdness that I have to sort through in order to find what this hoodie is called and if there is any way to buy another one.

Stay curious


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