Oi to the world!

6799664957_70a588c1a3_bHere’s the honest truth. I don’t know why I’m creating a blog or really whom it’s for. I guess I just want a place to write about the weird stuff I like. YouTube is not for me, I follow some channels but I just really like writing, always has. My name is (not) Septicemia and I’ve officially been an adult for quite some years, growing up on the other hand seems like a boring option.

So in an age where blogs seems to get sucked into the dark abyss of what is the internet and never to re-surface, here I am! For anyone who’s actually reading this I can already tell you that this blog will involve horror, dark …hobbies…, geekery, alternative clothing, how to transform an apartment into my very own Wonderland and all that other crap I love.

Stay curious


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