Gothic, Winter-friendly, Brands

I've done some googling this past week and been trying to find gothy brands that sell (indoor) clothes suited for cold climates. It hasn't been easy since a whole lot of the brands use poor materials to begin with and some even look kind of unshapely. I did a post on how much I freeze during …


Why did I stop listen to albums?

I confess, even though I both have tons of cd's and vinyl records, I use Spotify (a music streaming service) most of the time when listening to music. It has lead me into listen more to playlists and less to entire albums.To me, it's a shame. One of my favorite things with music has always …

Black Budget Basics

I got a few gift cards for Christmas at stores that sell regular clothes, places I usually buy my basics. I spent what was left on them today and ordered this: Knitted crop sweater, oversize Black tee with mesh top Black basic tee Black tee with lace top ...And monster slippers! A basic tee were …



I'm wearing a lot of old pieces today, the choker is from 2005 (!) and since then I've removed the chains. The hoodie have started to pill but it's still ok. In a way I love that even though the hoodie is at least 4 years old and the harness 5 or 6, it's still …


“Victims, aren’t we all?”

I have a tendency of falling face down and get a little too sucked in when it comes to things I like. To, me it's not a problem and hopefully it only contributes to my geeky charm (or obsessive nature). So, getting back to the title quote, I love The Crow. The comic, the movie, the original …


Back to the Old Self

I've done some shopping. There has been three thing pretty high up on my list of stuff that I desperately want and today, I finally bought two of them. First, it's an old PC game that I've played for countless hours growing up. I still have the CD's but then I have to use Jürgen, …


Doing what all the other kids do

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